With the Location Server, Intersys offers an emergency location service that makes you, as Access Serice Provider (ASP), ETSI 203 178 compliant, quickly and cost-effectively.
The ETSI 203 178 Standard

So far, emergency calls have been localized through a collaboration between Access Service Provider (ASP) and Voice Service Provider (VSP). VoIP breaks this band. The introduction of various OTT Voice Services makes emergency calls independent of the network infrastructure, making them much more difficult to locate than they were before.

This is where the ETSI 203 178 standard comes in. It defines the necessary interfaces as well as the roles of the individual participants. The standard was adopted in February 2015 and is currently being technically finalized with another standard (ETSI 103 479). Implementation is planned to be mandatory throughout Europe.

ASP’s are obliged by the regulators to provide positioning information at any time.

The following graphic shows the ecosystem during an emergency call location.

Ecosystem Notruflokation

The Intersys Location Server is a central element in the recognition and transmission of location information during an emergency call.

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The regulators

The individual countries in Europe are responsible for implementing the standard. For the following countries, information is available regarding the date of implementation:



In Switzerland, OFCOM will consult interested stakeholders in 2019. It is expected that the necessary steps will then be initiated by means of a new revision of the Technical and Administrative Regulations (TAV). This should be the case around 2020.



On 22 August 2018, the German Regulator (Federal Network Agency) issued an ordinance on the implementation of emergency call connections. This refers to the latest version of the Technical Directive on Emergency Call Connections (TR Notruf 2.0). The providers now have 3 years to implement the guidelines.

EU in general

The EU has issued a paper dealing with the implementation of the new emergency call requirements in the new legislature. It shows that all EU states must reflect the EU Directive EECC in their local legislation within 2 years of its adoption by the European Parliament. An implementation is therefore emerging in 2-3 years Europe-wide.

The Location Server from Intersys implements the legal requirements simply, reliably and cost-effectively. For ASP, the Intersys Location Server is an optimal way to implement the ETSI standard with little effort.

The solution is available as cloud service or on-premise solution.

What does the Intersys Location Server do?
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